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In 1986 they found themselves pondering a move to Hawaii.  They relocated their growing family to the island of Oahu, where Lyle became a project manager for a high-end contractor.

Lyle honed his expertise supervising projects on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island, and got his Hawaii General Contractors License in 1996.  Gloria maintained responsibility for the administration and book keeping in the same company, and they managed to raise six children in the mean time! 
Lloyds of the Pacific, Inc. is owned and operated by Lyle and Gloria Hooley.   Gloria’s business experience stretches back to 1970, when she first studied accounting.  Lyle began work in the construction field soon after, and the couple were married in 1973.  They settled in Oregon and soon owned a successful remodeling company.  
By 2005, Lyle and Gloria were ready to again take the role of business owners.  Lloyds of the Pacific, Inc. was created, giving them an opportunity to work with the next generation of builders within their family.  2008 brought them to their new home base in Kamuela on the Big Island of Hawaii.  They enjoy having the space for grandkids and guests, chickens and lambs.  
As owner-operator, Lyle draws on his forty years of construction knowledge every day.  He personally oversees every project, from barns to kitchen remodels and new homes.  He is delighted to work with his three sons, and also employs two daughters within the company. Gloria keeps the office running smoothly with careful management of employees and assets.  

Retaining a capable workforce means being able to complete most project phases in-house. Trustworthy partnerships with other trades guarantee our clients a positive outcome, whatever their needs.